2011 AGM
September 2,3,4, 2011
Pleasanton, California
A special THANK YOU from the President to those who made the AGM a success
  • McLaren´┐Żs Shortbread
      (661) 263-9377
  • AGM Chairman - Tim McLaren
  • The Tent Crew. Set up and tear down:
    Renee Hensley, Tim and Penny McLaren, Pete and Karen Woodall, Dave Knapschafer, John and Mitzi Dickerson, Emile Mestressat, Richard Behling, Jeannie and Charles Rouse, James Wester and any stray MacLarens we could recruit!
  • Food for the tents - Mitzi and John Dickerson and Beth Patterson
  • Banquet Crew - Jeannie Rouse, Penny McLaren, Karen Woodall, Beth Patterson, Nina Garcia
  • Hospitality Suite - Chuck and Fran Lawson, Dave Elkin, Meg Stanley
  • Hospitality to the Chief and Maida - Mark McLaren and Nancy Norland
  • Winery Tour Carl Lyle
  • Norm and Margaret English and Bill McFadden for hauling a tent and sides.
  • A very special thank you to Renee Hensley for buying a trailer and taking all of the MacLaren tents and materials to games all of these years!
  • All others not named please know how much you are appreciated. So many pitch in to help, it would not happen without all of you.

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